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Can we talk about how amazing Daughter are live?

I realise the title to this post probably gave it away, but Daughter are an incredible band. Their records are dark, delicate, dense and emotionally intense. Their live show mirrors those same attributes but sets them in a totally different light. 

And that isn't just a reference to their really cool light show, though that was also great.

Daughter @ O2 Academy, Glasgow // photograph by Calum McMillan

This tour was pretty special with the band having additional members in tow. A brass trio and a percussionist added extra flair and texture to songs that were already pretty incredible beforehand. The extra backing vocals in particular made the whole set sound really lush. 

When was the last time a band sounded genuine lush in the sound swallowing cavern that is the O2 Academy? I honestly can't remember. But I'm so glad that I got the chance to experience these versions of the tracks with a great sound. 

Daughter @ O2 Academy, Glasgow // photograph by Calum McMillan 

This was an unusual gig to shoot. There was a lot of light, but it was arranged in odd ways, often washing all over the pit. And the stage was really high and the band were quite far back to account for the placing of their monitors. It was a challenge, but a fun one. Hurrah for an 85mm in environments like this. my 11-16mm is just too wide on a full frame for stages this big when shooting from the pit.

It just looks dumb. 

Daughter @ O2 Academy, Glasgow // photograph by Calum McMillan 

It's nice to get a challenge on a typical "3 songs and out" pit shoot. I always say a music photographer's job is to capture the atmosphere and unique moments of a great show. The band's job isn't to provide us with a set up that is friendly to camera settings. I like that Daughter's considered and thoughtful production enhanced their performance and allowed me to capture some really atmospheric photos. 

I'm even happier I got to spend the rest of my Sunday evening watching a gig that bordered on beautiful at points. Often bands with music this sedate don't appeal to me live, I like noise and freneticism, but I loved every second of this show. That emotional intensity of Daughter is so engrossing and watching the multi-instrumental approach of the band was nothing short of fascinating. 

If you like emotionally intense music I can't recommend enough that you check this band out. Their new record, "Not To Disappear" is incredible and easily one of my favourites of the year.

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