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8 Photos of Ben from Biffy playing with his heroes: Kerbdog

Crap clickbait title right? But you're reading this so you fell for it. Get it round you. 

So I got to do a really cool thing and that was take some photos of Ben from Biffy Clyro playing the drums with 90s legends, "the Irish Metallica", Kerbdog. Been a while since he's been behind the kit in a venue that small I'd wager...

Anyway, it was pretty special to get photograph some in a huge band playing with those who inspired them to form said huge band in the first place. That's a rare occurrence, how many people actually get to play with their heroes? I'm pretty privileged that I got to capture those fleeting moments last night. 

Also, it's probably about as close as I'm likely to get to taking photographs of Biffy Clyro. So that's cool too. 

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