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Photos of Badass Women Musicians on International Women's Day

March 8 is International Women's Day. Which is unarguably a good thing. 

I don't have any deafening insight to offer into the struggles faced by women, because I'm an almost deleriosuly privliged middle class man, but I would certainly identify as feminist, as should everyone really, and I am an ally of anyone fighting for equality for everyone. Regradless of sex, orientation, creed, colour or  any other variable you care to mention. 

Essentially, stop being a dick to people based on their genetailia. And also, just stop being a dick to people. 

Anyways, taking photos of bands I'm lucky to enough to get to photograph some incredibly talented women doing incredible things on stage. Here's a few favourites of mine, have a looksee and even discover some great new music while you're about it. 

Also, for all you casual misogynists out there, International Men's Day is Nov 19. So just keep your toxic masculinty and dumb opinions to yourself until then eh? Also, keep them to yourself then too. 

Daughter @ O2 Academy, Glasgow 

Not going to lie, I'm a little bit in love with Elena Tonra of Daughter and her combination of emotionally raw lyrical content and beautifully delicate vocal. It's a stunning contrast that only gives you more the further you let yourself fall into it. Also, she rips on the old guitar. 

Divides @ King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow 

I really like watching Nicole perform with Divides, she has the odd way of arranging her vocals that echo more aggressive vocalists, but she doesn't sacrifice any melodic sensibility with that aggression. No mean feat. 

Emilie @ King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow 

I've no idea if the performing side of electronic music is as male-dominated as it is in rock music but if it is, then talents like Emilie will surely be a huge part of changing that culture. Her combination of ethereal vocals, pulsing electronics and gentle piano is endlessly captivating. 

Employed To Serve @ King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow 

I don't have the words for how much I love Employed To Serve. They're incredibly punishing, so so satisfyingly brutal and just so fucking good. Justine's vocal is positively caustic and leads the endless aggression of thier band in way few other vocalists could. People who say "girls can't scream" need this band in their lives. It'll make them repent. 

Laura Stevenson @ Stereo Cafe Bar, Glasgow 

Laura Stevenson likes incredibly self-aware songs that are dripping in sincerity and melancholy. The perfect soundtrack to your day no matter your mood, and one of the most genuinely warm performers I've ever experienced. 

Lucia @ King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow 

Lucia Fontaine is all badass, sass and snarl. A performer dripping in character and spite, Lucia tends to leave any stage she's on in tatters. For fans of angry pop songs. If you aren't a fan of angry pop songs...your loss. 

Milk Teeth @ O2 Kentish Town Forum, London 

I bloody love Milk Teeth. What a genuinely brilliant band. Becky leads that band from the front, equal parts hardcore stomp and grunge fragility and it's wonderful. Her voice is full of identity and her lyrics are occasionally devastatingly insightful without shouting about it, 

The Van Ts @ Broadcast, Glasgow 

I really like The Van Ts. They're like a girl gang ( with an honorary dude member) with fuzz pedals and loud amps. Bridging the gap between a punk ferocity and a pop/rock swing, this band are pretty special. 

Banshee @ Audio, Glasgow

People talk about men having gritty voices. They talk about men with powerful voices. They talk about men with huge voices. 90% of them don't have a voice quite like Erin's. Banshee's infectious electronic laced rock gains an extra edge when she pushes her voice to places that can burst your ear drums. In a satisfying way that is. 

Beautiful Expectations @ Audio, Glasgow 

Beautiful Expectations take most all dude bands to school with their all girl band take on quirky math rock. An enticing proposition combining sophisticated arrangements and sweet melodies, there's something lurking there that could turn into some really tremendous music. 

Disclaimer: the drummer of that band is my girlfriend, so I am probably bias. But it's my blog. So suck it. She hits the drums harder, and weirder times, than you do anyway so get it round you.