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The Wedding of Mr & Mrs Stevenson


The wedding of Mr & Mrs Stevenson was easily one of the most wonderful days of 2018.

The couple chose to escape away into the stunning natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands with a small wedding party to celebrate their love in a place they fell in love with together. All weddings are special, but some weddings do a magical thing: they enhance everything that makes a couple perfect each other and exposes the endless hard work a relationship like that takes.

Dan and Maren’s wedding did this in a way I’ve never experienced before. Every single moment of the day was radiating with love, from the bridal prep to the ceremony and the uplifting party that closed out the incredible day. The sun even saw fit to shine all through the day, proof that the love on display was so pure even something as unreliable as the Scottish weather was on side. Especially when you’re getting married outdoors, a bold move north of the wall.


This wedding was a joy and privilege to photograph, everything was bursting with the couple’s character. The majority of the suppliers were friends, providing totally unique and bespoke services that perfectly complemented the atmosphere of the day, the wilderness just behind the venue was the perfect escape and stunning backdrop for photos and every little detail was bursting with charm. Much like the couple themselves.

Proof positive yet again that your wedding should be about what you want, never the conventions or expectations. If you make your wedding a day you’ll love, everyone you love will love it as well and love you for that.

Love is pretty good is what I’m more or less getting at.

Love like this is my favourite thing to photograph. Everything about this day was almost achingly beautiful and genuine. Dan and Maren’s love for each almost being outshone by the love of everyone there for them. Though even all those people combined clearly aren’t getting close to how these two feel about each other. I’m lucky to have been trusted to capture all these marvellous moments across their special day. It’s not a trust I take lightly, and I’m thrilled I got the chance to be part of a day like this.

Often in the 21st century, people are cynical about the longevity our purpose of marriage. If you were at this wedding though, there’s no doubt at all that your belief in true love was affirmed.

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