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The Wedding of Mr & Mrs Nicol

“Cannot recommend Calum enough, he was amazing at our wedding on the 5th of August – so friendly and personable which made us feel at ease from start to finish.  He was able to capture exactly what we loved about our wedding venue and provide our photographs so quickly! He exceeded anything that we ever hoped we would get in our photographs and we will treasure them for the rest of our days together. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts” - Kerry & Simon Nicol.

I was over the moon to photograph the wedding of Kerry and Simon. They’re a really genuine couple who were incredibly easy to work with. Not only that, they had a sense of style all their own.

SWG3 was a fascinating, and beautiful choice of venue, it presented me with a lot of challenges but also a wonderful range of opportunities. Large areas of stunning natural light and incredible city top views interspersed with intimate areas, grunge aesthetics and amazing graffiti.

The only thing that matched the venue for character was the couple themselves. Their break from the usual wedding traditions when it came to attire was a wonderful breath of fresh air, and proved that sophistication and quirky aren’t mutually exclusive.

Being allowed the access the couple gave me was wonderful. I was able to capture a range of candid photographs throughout the day, in a series of fantastic locations that I think allowed me to tell a story to do their 13 year, and totally unique, love story justice.

It’s that sort of trust and access that I really cherish, as a photographer it opens up so many opportunities for me to tell the story of a couple.

The story of your wedding isn’t in the posed formals. It’s in the intimate moments between friends, the celebration of parents, the sincerity of gazes, the nerves in reflections, the smiles on everyone’s faces and deep, welcoming, warm silence of everyone taking in a couple’s first dance.

I’m delighted that Kerry and Simon trusted me enough to give me total access and free reign to their special day. I’m grateful they were willing to indulge my process for letting everything flow with little direction, emphasising time and patience over a list of poses. Not only that, but I’m really lucky to just have been allowed to witness such a truly wonderful day.

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