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Reactionary: my approach to wedding photography

There’s no right way to take photographs, there is only your way to take photographs. I’m a firm believer in that. Gear doesn’t matter, qualifications don’t matter and all the theory in the world doesn’t matter if you’ve a good eye (possibly even two if you’re lucky) and a desire to tell a compelling story through still images.

I’m a reactionary photographer. I document, I don’t construct. For my money, a day celebrating enduring, sincere love between two people is already incredibl special. It doesn’t need to be posed. Happiness is more than just a smile, it’s a movement, an exchange of glances, something intangible that can’t be summoned simply by saying “cheese”.

Though incidentally, I think there is room to make the argument that cheese and happiness may be synonymous.  

The wedding of Mr & Mrs Nicol - click arrows for slide show

Your wedding will be full of those perfect little moments of happiness. From the second the bride starts getting ready in the morning, through the first kiss, during the speeches and certainly when you’re in the arms of your love while you share your first dance. Not one of those moments needs art directed.

When I photograph a wedding I’m aiming to capture as many of those moments as I can. You’ll remember your wedding day for the rest of your life, but the details could pass you by while you’re swept up in the celebration of your love. Quite right too, love is the best thing. It should be fully embraced, you shouldn’t be making sure you’re in the right part of the frame or squeezing a smile into place on command. 

The wedding of Mr & Mrs Glover - click arrows for slide show

Your wedding is about your experience. Your experience with your partner, with your family, with your friends, with those people you had to invite but you don’t really know why. It’s a day for warm hugs, glowing smiles, embarrassing stories, fond memories and more drinking and dancing than anyone can reasonably be expected to cope with.

My job is to capture all of that as it happens. Not to observe it, recompose it and then manipulate it in post processing. That’s an editorial shoot. Those are premeditated, they aren’t reactions.  Your wedding is a reaction: a reaction of joy to finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. 

The wedding of Mr & Mrs Demelas - click arrows for slide show

As I previously mentioned, I’m a reactionary photographer. I specialise in low light, photo journalistic style work that prioritises realism and sincerity over a perfect composition and contrived symmetry.

When I shoot your wedding there’s minimal kit and even less fuss. No intrusive flashes, no repetition of poses or cheesy clichés. It’s a real privilege to be trusted with documenting an event as genuinely beautiful as a wedding, and I think it’s a disservice to the atmosphere to try and manipulate it to suit me as a photographer.

The wedding of Mr & Mrs Carmichael - click arrows for slide show

I use high-quality prime lenses that allow me to unobtrusively photograph you and your guests from anywhere, at any time throughout the day, and also force me to think creatively through their limitations. I don’t drown you in images, but bring you the best of the best that tell the story of your wedding. I provide you with on the day edits because modern technology means you shouldn’t have to wait to share your celebration with those who couldn’t be there. I deliver a high-end physical product because I believe what you hold in your hands is as important as holding hands and my packages are totally bespoke, build from the ground up to suit you and your budget.

On top of all that, I always turn wear an incredibly obnoxious suit. How’s that for the icing on the cake?

I love getting the chance to photograph love. Love doesn’t need any help taking a wonderful photo. It’s a natural in front of the camera.

Though if you'd like someone to lend a hand you can always get in touch with me on this page or any of my socials for your free consultation. That'd be cool.