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Awards are dumb. But you should still vote for cool bands feat. Fatherson @ O2 ABC, Glasgow

Award shows in any industry are at best dumb and self-congratulatory and at worst...well, they're the worst. 

More fuelled more nepotism, shallow popularity measures and deep pockets than anything of any real substance. That being said, that doesn’t mean that sometimes those who are nominated for awards don’t deserve them.

Fatherson @ O2 Abc, Glasgow // photograph by Calum McMillan 

 Much like a broken clock, a corrupt system delivers the right result every now and then. And though there are some really talented bands and artists in the long list, this particular blog is the case for the band I think deserves a place on the shortlist.

Fatheron’s excellent second record, “Open Book”, is currently in the running to make the shortlist for Scottish Album of the Year. Given the quality of the songs on the record, and the band’s hefty touring schedule since it’s release, it’s a well deserved nomination.

Fatherson @ O2 Abc, Glasgow // photograph by Calum McMillan

If they don’t make the shortlist, who cares? As previously mentioned, these awards are pretty vacuous things. But if they do, well then something of real substance gets through and that’s awesome. Not only that, but it’s something that is new.

Something that isn’t decided by  bunch of men in their 40s who’re now having drinks with Q magazine journalists, while their pals are now A&R reps at middling indie labels who have sacrificed their edge for a spot on the Radio 2 lunchtime playlist. Or even worse, the men who are directing a bunch of handsome 17 year olds with backing tracks and co-ordinating their haircuts to match their dance routines. 

Fatherson @ O2 Abc, Glasgow // photograph by Calum McMillan

You know the kind of folk I mean. The ones who say Royal Blood are innovative and the "only  real rock band" in the UK. 

Fatherson write genuine songs, play them like they nothing else could mean anything more to them, and get in the van and play shows. Show after show after show after show.  Increasingly, sold out show after sold out show . Especially here in Glasgow. I’ve shot them a handful of times on this touring cycle and I’m constantly impressed with how the balance a sense of grit and urgency with their delicate and sincere sense of melody.

They also move about a lot too. Which is also nice. Sometimes they also wear nice shirts as well. 

Fatherson @ O2 Abc, Glasgow // photograph by Calum McMillan

I reckon that’s worth sacrificing your data to the social media gods for. If we keep telling these contrived constructs that we want genuine music, self-interest if not good taste, will force them to deliver that to us.

You can vote for Fatheron’s “Open Book”to make the shortlist by clicking here until June 14th a midnight. You can still click after that, but it probably won’t do anything exciting:

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