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A 5 Hour Train to Shoot Milk Teeth...Worth Every Second.

First off I should clarify that I love Thrice. They're one of my favourite bands. Odd forays into born again christianity aside, they're the best. As soon as this show was announced I was considering trying to go. Even though it is the other side of the country. In a different country altogether actually. 

But when Milk Teeth were announced as support I knew I had to try and get down because they're also the best. So two of the best bands on the same bill...guaranteed good night. Seems worth a 5 hour train to me. 

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So when a last minute opportunity to photograph this show came up I immediately threw the last of my pay cheque at a train ticket, took advantage of the hospitality of a London based friend and set off for the rock show in the big smoke. 

As it turned out, Milk Teeth's set alone was worth the journey. Their set was short, tight, intense and a whole lot of fun. There's a subtle and constant push and pull between a introspective fragility and punk snarl that runs throughout all their tunes that I find endlessly fascinating. Kinda makes you want to punch the wall, but with a sad smile on your face. And your tongue firmly in cheek as well. Always a plus. 

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I've seen, and photographed, Milk Teeth a few times now and every time they get better. Their opening three tunes tonight were three of the biggest bangers of the year. When you've only got a couple of EPs and one album to chose from that's no small achievement. 

I love them at their most ferocious, throwing themselves about with total abandon to their filthy riffs and avalanche sized rhythms, but when they slowed down for "Kabuki" and 'Swear Jar" it showed just how much depth the band's sound has. That and the fact they all ooze charisma doesn't hurt either. 

A welcome change from the boring clean cut faces and practiced poses that are the trademark of so many bands. 

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There's a feeling that just now the UK has the best, and most interesting, rock bands in the world. Milk Teeth are a prime example of that and this show just rammed that home. A stage this size didn't swallow them up. If might not be big enough before long.

This was a difficult show to shoot, lighting guys who think just red is cool are not cool, but sets like this are why you start taking photographs of live music in the first place. Cause it's the best. 

In conclusion, Milk Teeth are the best. You should go and see them. Even if it does take a 5 hour train journey. 

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