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The Worst Venue Ever & Rainfalls Record Release Show

Where do I even start with the difficulties of shooting The Garage Attic ? It's tiny. Has pretty much zero lights. What it does have are red. In the roof. Pointed directly at the floor. There's a filthy window blocked by wire grate and an inexplicable print so that doesn't help either.

Actually it's ok as a venue. It has a stage and sound and space for an audience. And a bar. But if you're tying to take  to're in for a real rough time. 

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So what's the options for shooting a show like this? To use the ever despicable flash. I hate flash. It's rubbish. Largely because I still don't understand how to get the best out of it, but also because I much prefer using the ambient light. I always find it's much more interesting. And a great justification for my continued ignorance with flash. 

Pseudo-artistic reasons for not doing a thing are the best reasons. 

So I used flash, thought with so little ambiance and such a drab venue it didn't save the day much...and then it started to overheat and the recycle time became so long as to be useless. So I was forced to abandon it, throw my lens wide open, pump the ISO and hope for the best.

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And it worked. Kind of. This sort of show, where it's all chaos and intensity, can benefit from the grain and uncertainty of photos taken in real low light. That's a genuine capture of what it's like to experience a gig like this. Sometimes it's about the mood and not the exposure. So I kinda ran with that on these edits, how successful that's been is up to you. I'd's been ok, I guess?

Though if you can get both that's pretty banging too. Lightroom is a great help if you only get one though, 

This was a really powerful set. It was full throttle from the off and the band's new aggressive material sounded dirty and vicious in a live environment. The impassioned lyrical spite probably has a lot to do with that. Amazing how much more compelling your art is when you actually mean it eh?

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There's something incredibly satisfying about a band who are spontaneously noisy and aggressive but also really tight. It adds a real weight to the performance, which is what confrontational punk rock like this absolutley needs. 

Also it leads to the coolest shapes being pulled. Which from my stand point is always a plus. 

Rainfalls are a pretty cool band putting out music that's also cool. Go check it out on Spotify or do something really wild and buy a record or a shirt or something. Go nuts. 

That's what punk rock is all about right?