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Photograph of Calum McMillan by Andy Mills

Photograph of Calum McMillan by Andy Mills

To me, photography is about capturing the real moments. It's about documenting total sincerity, and occasionally, brutal honesty. This isn't a numbers game, I emphasise quality over quantity at all times. 

You remember moments, not how many variations on them there were. 

Capturing those moments of passion, whether it's a band playing live or the first dance at a wedding, is endlessly fascinating to me. 

Following the completion of my Masters degree in Digital Journalism I decided to combine my writing experience and photography to explore both my own passions and those of my subjects. Which is a fancy way of saying I like writing about and photographing things and people that are creative and inspiring in one way or another. 

If you're interested in working with me you can contact me on the form or any of the social channels below, you can go read my blog to find out what I've been up too or do none of those things. That's cool too.  

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